Version information DD.web 2.0

Operating online applications has become more complex in the last several years, since it is well-known that the risks of cyber-attacks have increased markedly. This demands measures by the makers of browsers, operating systems and, naturally, serious web applications.

RTB is making a completely revised version 4.0 available as a replacement for the proven evaluation platform DD.Web 2.0. The date for release to test customers was planned for September 15, 2016.

Unfortunately since August 15, 2016  –  and thus clearly earlier than expected – an event has happened that we could not influence:
As a result of regular security updates for operation systems and internet browsers since week 32/2016 it is unfortunately no longer possible to use the previous version DD.Web 2. We had expected this to happen, but first in the initial months of 2017. Now we must ask for your immediate assistance so that you can still access your census data via our online platform.

We offer you access to the evaluation of your data via DD.Web 4.0 at no additional cost until March 31, 2017 with a clearly modernized range of functions. In order to do this a complete new configuration of your user accounts is necessary in DD.Web 4.0.

What essential innovations does DD.Web 4.0 offer?

  • More security through safe and encoded https connections
  • Map display for administering locations
  • Dynamic pdf reports
  • Dynamic time intervals configuration for evaluations
  • Renewed possibility for direct accessing of individual vehicle data
  • Automatic storage of locations and tasks based on GPS measurements from census devices


We ask you to contact us in one of two ways:

DD.Web Hotline:   +49 (0) 5252 9706 – 265



Please have the following information at hand when you contact us:

  • Your E-Mail address with which you have been registered with DD.Web 2.
  • A list of the device IDs which need to be activated for access to DD.Web 4


Thank you very much for your understanding and co-operation.