Variants & Options

Push Button Models PiT & PLUS

Intelligent combination with the Acoustic Unit: A wide variety of advantages are available, particularly with the combination of the acoustic unit and the call-up push button.

Push Button Model PiT

The guide signal of the Push Button Model PiT is controlled by the central electronics of the acoustic unit. The users hear the guide signal simultaneously from the loudspeaker of the acoustic unit and from the push putton. Thus, it is much easier to locate the traffic light mast.

Push Button Model Plus

The vibration element of the Push Button Model Plus is activated by the electronics of the acoustic unit. The costs for equipping a traffic light system are lowered significantly.

Push Button Model “Speech”

The Push Button Model “Speech” is used primarily for information on bus and train stops of public transport.

By activating the button, the user can retrieve information that can be freely defined by the respective suppliers. The additional acoustic information primarily helps blind and visually impaired persons to navigate in crowded places.

Push Button Model S

The main application of the key push button is in public transportation.

Here the Push Button Model S can be an element of the fallback level in the control system for street traffic signals. Modern transponder technology replaces the mechanical lock. Thus, one achieves meaningful advantages in regard to longevity and comfort.

Push Button Model “Stoppi”

Of course, special attention must be paid to our youngest participants in street traffic when we design traffic light facilities.

RTB uses a very special concept for the safety of children. STOPPI, a cute and likeable dog which, at first sight, wins over the hearts of children, is at the forefront of our activities for making traffic safe for children. STOPPI accompanies children and offers them optimal orientation!

And STOPPI has important messages for children in street traffic:

  • Concentrate fully on dangers!
  • Don’t let yourself be distracted, always pay attention!
  • Never just cross the street, but always wait for green to cross!

Protective Bar

The protective bar prevents crude vandalism and ensures that fewer auxiliary devices will be damaged in the future.

Any color can be chosen for the powder-coated stainless steel protective bar which means it can be visually matched to the push button. An individual motif can be applied on both sides of the protective bar. Tactile information for blind and low vision persons can be applied here as well.