Variants & Options

Single Device Walk Signal

The walk signal is set up in accordance with the norms of the country or defined as the user wishes.

It starts with the green phase for pedestrians. It is directed to the crosswalk and has a range to midway in the crosswalk. The volume depends on the length of the crosswalk and existing buildings.

Single Device Guide Tone

The guide tone (orientation signal) indicates the position of the facility for blind persons.

It is emitted in a circle around the mast and shows the user where the mast is located. This guide tone also adjusts itself to the volume of ambient noise. Its values can be adjusted freely.


The Combination S device has one electronic unit and one loudspeaker which emits both signals at the crosswalk.

In addition to this, the guide tone is reflected behind the mast via a sound reflector.


With the Combination 200 acoustical signal transmitter the entire electronics (including loudspeaker) can be installed in an extra optical signal chamber.

This solution is particularly suited for traffic light facilities which have little space for mounting the acoustical signal transmitter.

Warning Signal/Gong

The gong is an acoustical warning signal indicating dangerous places.

It meets the requirements of DIN 32974 (Acoustical Signals in Public Spaces).