Proven Effectiveness

Motivation Instead of Penalties

A friendly and individual communication which car drivers can hardly resist – the Dialogue-Display proves that this emotional principle works. In contrast to legal penalties, which have, for the most part, long lost their deterring effectiveness, this positive motivation functions much better.

If the speed limit is observed, the driver receives a THANKS in green LED letters. If the speed limit is exceeded, the words GO SLOW appear in red letters. The constructive dialogue has proven effective – indeed, even after the drivers have become accustomed to it, the effect is permanent!

Recommended Locations for Application

On the basis of the results of the longitudinal study in Berlin and other investigations, the Accident Research Unit of the Insurers (UDV) in the Association of German Insurers (GDV) recommend in their research report “Geschwindigkeitsanzeigen: Dialog-Display wirkt am besten” using the device to achieve the following objectives:

  • Making pedestrian crosswalks safe
  • Providing safety near day care centers for children
  • Making routes to school safe
  • Making bus stops safe
  • Reducing speeding violations
  • Reducing local accident risk
  • Reducing noise pollution
  • Increasing attention at points of conflict (e. g. between street and rail traffic or between vehicles and pedestrians)

The comparison of dynamic and static speed indicators conducted by the Accident Research Unit (UDV) shows that the Dialogue-Display provides for a higher reduction of average speeds.

Permanent Effects

Several studies show that the Dialogue-Display reduces high speeds permanently and thus makes an essential contribution to the improvement of traffic safety.

Longitudinal Study in Berlin since 2004

The longitudinal study conducted by the Berlin Senate at a pedestrian crosswalk confirms constant lower speeds following the installation of the Dialogue-Display in 2004:

  • Pre-test: Vd = 38,1 km/h
    (Data Berlin Senate)
  • Values 2004: Vd = 28,9 km/h
    (Data Dialogue-Display)
  • Values 2013: Vd = 28,0 km/h
    (Data Dialogue-Display)