Reducing Speed

World-wide about 1,4 million persons die in street traffic every year. Therefore, the World Health Organization (WHO) lists street traffic as the ninth most common cause of death world wide. Forecasts point out that the number of traffic fatalities will rise to over two million annually.

Most accidents are caused by speeding. A statement by the Berlin Senate Administration shows how important continuity is in the prevention of this cause of accidents: “In an accident involving a pedestrian, the clear reduction of speed can be the deciding factor between life and death.”

This is confirmed by statistics from the Swiss Advisory Unit for Prevention of Accidents (bfu) as well:
The probability of whether or not a pedestrian will be killed in an accident with a car is dependent on the speed of the car:

  • at 50 km/h it is 40%
  • at 40 km/h its is 30%
  • at 30 km/h it is only 18%