Data Analysis

Comfortable analysis

With the personalized analysis program DD.web and DD.local one can access the data of all devices from every computer with internet access. The data can be analyzed simply, quickly and comfortably and then be processed in the form of a presentation.

For this a wide variety of analysis possibilities are available:

  • Calculation of speed (Vav, V85, V15 and Vmax)
  • Vehicle classification (Complexity depending on the configuration of the device)
  • Conversion into car units
  • Analysis of the average daily traffic (ADT)

The data can be imported either automatically via the GSM module or manually within the program. Diverse export variants are available to use the data in other programs.


Web application

Data can be requested from the device via GSM.

Do you want to get to know DD.web without engagement? Please ask for a test access:


Local installation

Data can be requested by from the device.