Ideally, the installation height of the Dialogue-Display should be 250 cm. It can be mounted on masts ranging in diameter from 76 to 150 mm using the universal mast bracket. It can then be aligned horizontally without problems.

The device can be operated with either 12 V or 230 V. Usually, the installation is on the right side of the street. One must make sure that the structure clearance to the street is not blocked. Dialogue-Displays cannot be mounted on the same mast with official traffic signs.

If a solar power supply is used, one must make sure that the solar panel is aligned to receive direct sunlight.

The devices can also be installed at locations where none of the available masts can be used. For both possibilities, one must make sure that the structure clearance to the street is not blocked.

Mobile Base

With a size of 110 x 100 cm, 16 cement tiles 50 x 50 cm are put in place, in order to provide the necessary stability.

Ground Sleeve and Mobile Mast

The ground sleeve in which the mast for the device is inserted must be embedded in a foundation. This makes the installation possible at locations with varying conditions. The ground sleeve can be capped once the mast has been removed.

Existing Mast

For the installation on an existing mast only one small drilled hole (ø 1 cm) is necessary for the wiring. If the wiring is external, the mast remains undamaged. Sockets which might be available, for example for Christmas decorations, can be used. The use of solar panels is also possible when mounting on a mast. Both a 35 w and a 55 w solar module are available. Before the Dialogue-Display is mounted on the mast of a street light we highly recommend consulting the company responsible for the lights.

Generally, the need for maintenance for the Dialogue-Display is very small. It depends mainly on the type of power supply.

If the power supply is solely by rechargeable battery, this must be replaced and recharged at regular intervals. If the power supply is via solar energy, the solar panel must be cleaned at least once a year. Due to the high fluctuation in hours of sunlight per day at different times of year, the sole power supply via a solar panel cannot be guaranteed.

Therefore, RTB recommends using an additional rechargeable, replaceable battery to ensure the operation of the device throughout the year.