Device Models

RTB offers two different solutions of classification. Depending on the locations of the devices, either a radar- or a laser-based system could be chosen.


System TOPO

The lateral radar can be used to measure the length and speed of vehicles and also contains an acoustical classification. Based on the reliable recognition of the axles and the determination of motor position the classification according to 8+1 classes and differentiations which go beyond, the differences between trucks and busses or motorcycles and compact cars are determined with almost no mistakes.

Based on the geometric vehicle characteristics the detectors carry out this classification:


  • Bicycle
  • Motorcycle
  • Compact car (e. g. Smart)
  • Passenger vehicle (in accordance with TLS excluding compact cars)
  • Delivery van (up to 3.5 t in accordance with TLS)
  • Car with trailer (in accordance with TLS)
  • Truck (over 3.5 t in accordance with TLS)
  • Truck with trailer (in accordance with TLS)
  • Tractor trailer (in accordance with TLS)
  • Bus (in accordance with TLS)

TOPO laser-based

The worldwide innovation of vehicle classification, the laser-based system presented in 2013, offers an important advantage. Due to its sophisticated technology of two so-called multibeam-LIDAR sensors, it can be used on multilane roads. The TOPO.lx is able to detect partly or completely covered vehicles. So far it is classified in 5+1 classes:


  • passenger vehicle (in accordance with TLS excluding compact cars)
  • passenger vehicle with trailer (in accordance with TLS)
  • truck (over 3,5t in accordance with TLS)
  • truck with trailer (in accordance with TLS)
  • bus (in accordance with TLS)
  • not classifiable vehicles

Very High Rates of Detection!

The Department of Traffic Technology of the Technical University of Munich, directed by Professor Fritz Busch, conducted a detector test for und TOPO.slp in 2009.

Based on the TLS 2002 the detection was tested for vehicle classification 8+1, 5+1 and 2 classes. Also7+1 classes and 4+1 classes were tested in accordance with AFDS 2005 (Directive for Street Traffic Census 2005).

Both of the detectors ( und TOPO.slp) consistently achieved very high rates of detection.