Dynamic Parking Guidance System LOBO

System Design

Individual requirements in building parking garages need flexible solutions, in order to reduce automotive traffic while searching for parking spaces. The dynamic parking guidance system LOBO leads comfortably and fast to the nearest free parking space. It comprises the following components:

  • Infrared parking sensor for each parking space
  • Multicolored LED for each parking space, alternatively one multicolored LED for two
  • Camera systems
  • Data concentrators
  • Entrance display
  • Zone displays
  • Numerical displays of remaining parking spaces
  • Parking guidance system server with LOBO.control software

The LOBO system is hierarchically structured. At the top (control level), there is the parking guidance system server with the central LOBO.control software. The basis is formed by the components of the parking guidance system: sensors, counting units, route guidance signs. This field level also includes induction loops or barriers, which can be controlled by the digital I/Os (DIO). The data concentrators and DIOs act as a link between the server and the components, which relay the information provided via Ethernet. One data concentrator can be assigned to up to 240 field devices.