Orientation aid and upper body protection

With its double function as a hand-held device or a chest-mounted system, the discrete and functionally designed Ultra-Body-Guard (UBG) offers sufficient protection in every situation.

In accordance with the wishes of the user, the obstacles can be indicated by vibration either on the neck or in the hand. The signals can also be verbal. Assisted by the direction automatic and the compass function, one can travel on large plazas and through parks. Here the simple handling of the UBG can be taken for granted.

Since 1987 the UBG has been listed as a medical aid. Thus, health insurance can cover the cost in Germany.

It’s a good idea to learn how to use the UBG in the framework of mobility training. You should contact selected specialists for this. We would be glad to help you find the right mobility instructor.

Technical information

  • Modern microprocessor technology
  • Flexible range up to 1.9 m or 3 m
  • Approx. seven hours of operation with fully charged accumulator
  • Large accumulator capacity, rapid charging device with mains plug, acoustical charging status indicator
  • Obstacle indication with search function (very narrow ultrasonic beam)
  • Acoustical information in German
  • Vibration module for tactile signals (Vibration in the neck pad optionally available)
  • Light sensor for orientation to light sources
  • Direction automatic and compass (Display of eight compass directions)

Tips for Mobility Instructors

  • Improved training modus (Possibility to switch to individual functions)
  • Changing the adjustments (Range, angle of movement)